Wax Jambu

Wax Jambu Fruit Trees

Wax jambu with Red is in addition known as rose apple, plus in addition makopa, java apple, Fruit are pear-formed structure plus have a slim pink skin.

Wax Jambu’s need adequate rainfall, some humidity and fertile soil for best growth. Can be container grown to a certain extent. In dryer areas trees should be protected from dry winds and given regular irrigation.

Wax Jamboo tree usually requires very little attention plus no pruning … Wax Jambu tree can be grown in a large container for many years, needful very little care. As accent tree, the fruits have been used as “conversation pieces”.


Pear shaped fruit with waxy skin and crispy flesh similar to the malay apple. Fruit is often juicy, with a subtle sweet taste somewhat resembling a common apple. Superior varieties are of excellent quality.

Almost always eaten fresh. Bland varieties are often eaten with sugar sprinkled over the flesh. The texture is crisp, almost crunchy and juicy with a sweet, mildly scented flavor.

The Flower


The Fruit


The Plant


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