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Dancy (Dec – Feb)

The Dancy Tangerine has a loose skin that is easily peeled. It has a tasty red-orange fruit that ripens in winter. The fruit is rich and flavorful with a slight tartness to it. The Dancy is also called the Christmas Tangerine because its ripening season is during the months of December and January.

Ponkan (Nov – Jan)

The Ponkan Tangerine is an alternate bearer so every other year it will produce plentiful fruit. It is a medium sized upright tree and will grow vigorously. The Ponkan Tangerine tree will attract the North American giant swallowtail butterfly which uses it and other citrus trees for food in the larval stage.

Murcott (Jan – March)

The Honey Tangerine, which is also known as the Murcott Tangerine, has an orange-yellowish color and may have some specks of green color. The juicy red interior has a sweet, honey flavor and some seeds. They have a smooth, easy-to-peel skin and are in season from January through March.

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