Rollinia Fruit Trees

Native to the Brazilian-Peruvian Amazon, but its range now spreads throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America. It is rarely if ever grown commercially, but is often found cultivated on a small scale in the American tropics.

It grows naturally in warm, wet regions of the tropics and will not survive freezing temperatures. Its northern limit is South Florida.

Rollinia’s often grow in areas that are flooded for parts of the year so it will tolerate very wet soils. Grow in full sun. Fast growing tree from 10-40ft in height.


Large yellow fruit with a bumpy surface and soft spines.Tastes delicious, and is described as a creamy lemon sherbet or a lemon meringue pie.Comes from the Amazon and is a member of the Custard Apple family.

Fruit are picked by cutting the stem as soon as the yellow color develops. Fruit will continue to ripen off the tree but the shelf life is only a few days.

The Flower


The Fruit


The Plant


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