Longan Fruit Trees

The Longan is a symmetrical, evergreen tree with dense dark green foliage. Depending upon climate and soil type the tree may grow over 100 ft tall. However, in south Florida, trees typically grow to 30-40 ft in height and width. The crown tends to be round or oblong and the bark is corkie.

Longan is tolerant of dry soil conditions. Withholding or reducing watering during the late summer/early fall through winter is recommended to stop or reduce excessive vegetative growth and enhance subsequent flowering during the spring. However, for optimum fruit production and quality, regular irrigation is recommended from flowering through harvest.


The pulp is whitish and translucent; thin in large seeded fruits and medium thick to thick in others. Fruit have 1 seed, globular and shiny, brown to dark brown. The pulp does not adhere to the seed and is flavorful and sweet . The time from flowering to harvest is 140 to 190 days.

The main bloom season for Longans in South Florida is from February/March through April and the beginning of May. However, some cultivars will produce off-season blooms after the crop is harvested in late August and September. The off-season crop matures in the fall.

The Flower


The Fruit


The Plant


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