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Grapes should be pruned yearly because fruits only form on buds that arise from the previous season’s growth. There are various methods of training grapevines. Your preferences, space limitations, and the variety of grape you are growing will determine your trellis system.

Prune vines when they are dormant; in most of the country, that means very early spring, before any green shoots appear. In the south, grapes can be pruned any time.


Unless your soil is very poor, grapes, which are very deeply rooted, don’t require much fertilization. Where fertility is low, a soil test will determine whether you should add phosphorus or potassium. Grapes do not ripen off the vine, so pick them when they are completely ripe. Use a sharp knife or small pruner to cut the bunches. Bees and wasps may occasionally light on the grapes to feast on some sweet juice, so watch for them.

Your first planting of grapes may escape insect or disease attacks for a while, but eventually some trouble usually arrives. In humid areas, mildew diseases can be a problem.

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