Mamey Sapote

Mamey Sapote Fruit Trees

These tropical trees are native to Mexico and South America and can reach thirty to fifty feet tall, so plant them in a warm, protected location where they’ll have room to grow.

The Mamey Sapote is a fruit that is grown and adored around the world in tropical and subtropical climates. It takes well over a year from flower to mature fruit,but it is well worth the wait for this delicious fruit.

The flesh of tender varieties is delicious raw, either plain, in fruit salads, or served with cream and sugar or wine.


The football-shaped fruits can reach eight inches long. Their red flesh has the texture of an avocado, while the flavor is similar to a sweet potato mixed with a dash of almond.

It takes about two years after the trees flower for a single fruit to mature. You can check whether fruits are ready to pick by scratching their surface. If the scratched area shows red, it means they’re ready. After picking, leave fruit at room temperature for five to seven days to ripen.

The Flower


The Fruit


The Plant


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