The Grumichama tree is highly ornamental, slender, and erect. It can grow up to 35 feet tall but can also be kept pruned as a hedge while still producing delicious, cherry like fruit. Heavy in foliage, the oblong-oval leaves are wide with a glossy, thick, leathery texture. The flowers are white with four petals and around 100 white stamens.

Fruits best in partial shade with high moisture. The tree is hardy but should be protected from frost when young. It can withstand light frosts once established, surviving temperatures as low as 26° F. Although tolerant of a wide range of soil types (except basic/limestone), it prefers deep, fertile, acidic sandy loam.


Production: The tree has a very short period from flowering to fruiting, can be as short as 30 days. The crop ripens quickly and produces from May to July. Very drought tolerant, but should be watered regularly once fruit appears to allow it to set properly.

Harvesting: Fruits should be harvested when dark purple to black. They are soft to the touch and must be handled with care to prevent bruising.

The Flower


The Fruit


The Plant


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